Sacred of Birma

DK Fiorellino & DK Hellidolls

Ragdolls og Hellig Birma

The Birman


Legend tells us that in the ancient temples of Burma-now known as the country of Myanmar-there once lived white cats with golden eyes who were the devoted companions of Kittah priests. These cats were believed to carry the souls of their beloved priests to Heaven, and were therefore honored guests of the Temples.

One night, as intruders from nearby Siam raided the temple of Lao-Tsun, the High Lama known as Mun-Ha, lay dying. Mun-Ha's companion cat, Sinh, climbed upon him, faced the goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse with her sapphire eyes and golden hair and appealed for the transmutation of Mun-Ha's soul. As Mun-Ha took his last breath his soul entered Sihn's body, and Sinh's body began to transform.

Sinh's golden eyes turned sapphire blue like the goddess, and his previously white coat took on a golden mist reflecting the Goddess' hair. His ears, nose, tail and legs turned dark like the earth, marking the impurity of all that touches the ground, yet where his paws touched the silk of his master's holy garments they turned a dazzling white reflecting the purity of his master's soul. After keeping a holy vigil by his Master, Sinh died mysteriously seven days later, carrying his master's soul to heaven. Upon Sinh's death, all the other cats in the temple were transformed like Sinh, and now possessed sapphire blue eyes, pure white feet, and coats misted with gold.

Birmans have semi-long, silky hair, a semi-cobby body and relatively small ears compared to other cat breeds and a Roman nose. In order to comply with breed standards, the Birman's body should be of an eggshell colour or golden, depending on the intensity of the markings colour. The markings can be pure seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac or cream. TAbby and tortie. Birmans have sapphire coloured eyes.

The Birman's coat is unusual due to the white 'gloves' on each paw. They are one of the few cat breeds in the colourpoint coat that has fingers and toes in pure white colour. They have a wonderful balance of pleasant characteristics ranging from a wonderful temperament to a regal appearance, and are aggressively friendly.

These cats should not be left outside alone.

Birmans bond quickly with their masters and are soon assisting you in every task, Quickly adjusting to your schedule, you will find them waiting at the door to say "Hello" when you come home, and at bedtime, you will have a constant companion.

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Birmans are a human loving cats with semi-long hair that requires very little grooming. A couple fo times a week.