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Name  : DK Big-Bang Cetus Xanthippe

Age : 2 years (13.02.2012)

Passed away : 19.12.2014

Breed :  Ragdoll

Color : Blue tortie mitted

Chip : yes

Vaccination: yes

Neutered : yes

Personality : Xanthippe was a beautiful girl  and she was almost 3 years od. She had the sweetest and almost human look and an amazing colors mixture, she was a unique torbie girl.  She was also very playfull but very independent at the same time.  As we noticed she didn't really feel like being together with the other cats, we decided to find another home to her and we managed to find a really good family to her.

What happened ? But Xanthippe wasn't well...she was actually very sick and only one month after she mooved out, her kidneys shot down and there was nothing else to do but give her peace and let her fly over the raimbow. Everything happened so quickly and gave us a big schock, cause she never ever showed sign of illness while she was living with us.

Xanthippe became mom of two beautiful litters and we are so proud of her-

She will always have a special place in our heart, not only beacuse she was an amzing cat but also because she was our very first ragdoll.

R.I.P little angel

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Kontakt os her:

Dk Fiorellino : Edvard Thomsensvej 47, 2300 København S

Telefon: +45-30570604


Dk Hellidolls: Roarsvej 27, 2000 Frederiksberg

Telefon: +45-29822824


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